That question comes up a lot in life. We don’t always understand why things in our lives are happening, especially if it is something difficult or unfair. It is the question that I struggle with the most because I rarely get an answer.

Why do I have anxiety? Why won’t it go away? Why is there pain and disease in the world? Why is there suffering? Why do people die so young? Why doesn’t having faith heal people? Why can’t I just go to sleep without my thoughts taking over and not letting me rest? Why are there bad things happening when God is good? All of these “whys” have been spoken in my head or in prayer before. A lot of them have been asked multiple times with no clear answer.

When we ask these questions and get no answer, doubt can creep in. As a Christian, doubt is scary. Suddenly thoughts come into your head that challenge what you know to be true about God. When you see pain or suffering, it is hard to understand why it would be a part of God’s plan that is supposed to work everything for good. Doubt is universal. Everyone doubts. If you are struggling with doubt right now, you are not alone. I go through peaks and valleys. Some days I have no doubts at all and some days I’m struggling to see God’s goodness. In one of those low moments, I looked up sermons on doubt. Tons of sermons came up, showing how doubt is something that a lot of people struggle with, but one video, in particular, caught my eye. It is a spoken word poem by a guy named Joseph Solomon. He put a lot of what I had been feeling into words and empowered me in one of my low moments. Maybe it will do the same for you.

Why? It’s a fair question. One that is healthy to ask because it makes you look hard at the world around you. It makes you look hard at your faith and can help that faith grow as you dig into God’s Word and read his promises. He is always there in the middle of your “why?” We just have to remember to look for Him.

Rachel (:

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