My name is Rachel Hutchings. I am a 25 year old living in Nashville, TN. I have always loved reading and writing growing up. Books and journals were my escape from the constant upheaval of moving to the next army base. The more places I experienced, the more my world view expanded and ended up in my writing. When I was given the opportunity through my Social Media and PR class to create a website about something I’m passionate about, I decided to write about my own struggles with anxiety. I wanted to share how I deal with my own anxious thoughts and feelings: whether that’s through my love of music, writing, or watching movies. I’m looking forward to this journey and building a supportive and welcoming community.

This Website

Mental health awareness is important. As someone who struggles with anxiety and has friends who struggle with anxiety and depression, it affects me directly. I want to build a community where we all support and listen to one another. I will be posting things that have helped with my anxiety in the past and will be opening the conversation up to readers as well to share what has helped them. I look forward to what’s ahead.